Michigan SOS Business Entity And Corporation Search

The Corporations Division of the Corporations, Securities, & Commercial Licensing Bureau under the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs deals with the filing and authorizing of entities in the state. The registry maintained by the Division records every filings and incorporation's of business entities in the state. The registry has records and information of the following entities:

  • Corporations
  • Limited Liability Companies
  • Limited Partnerships
  • Limited Companies
  • Limited Liability Partnerships

Michigan Business Entity Search

The online search tool for finding registered business entities in Michigan has proved to be very helpful indeed for collecting information on any business entity in the state. For your search to continue, you need to have the entity name or the corporate ID handy.

Furthermore, you can choose from the following to narrow down your search:

  • Name in the Database
  • Keyword in the database
  • Identification number

Below is a step by step guidelines on how to use the Michigan business search page.

1. The first step is to access the Michigan business search page by clicking here. (it will look like the screenshot below).

Michigan Business Entity Search

2. The form allows you to search by entity name, individual name, Identification Number or by Filing Number. For this example go ahead and select the "Search by entity name" option. In the "Entity name" field type in the business name "Ford". The "Search type" drop down allows you to select one of these options, "Begins with", "Exact match", "Keyword" and "Soundex".

For this example, leave the default value selected, "Begins with". Once this has been done you will need to enter the Captcha Code at the end of the form, above the "Search" button for security purposes. This verifies that a human is doing the search and not a bot. The screenshot below illustrates this.

Michigan Corporation Entity Search

4. Once you enter the correct Captcha code into the field, click the "Search" button and the results page will display a list of business entities that start with the name "Ford".

Michigan Corporation Entity Search Results

5. If you want more information on an entity, click on its name. A page will then appear showing more of its details.

Michigan Corporation Entity Details
Michigan Secretary of State Corporations Division Seal

Information on Secretary of State Michigan Corporations Division

The Corporations Division is the branch of the Corporations, Securities & Commercial Licensing Bureau in charge of business filings and records. The Bureau itself is under the responsibility of the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs. The current Secretary of State of Michigan is Ruth Johnson, elected to office in 2011, and serving until present.

The Corporations Division registers and records entities desiring to do business in the state. It also maintains an archive containing the details of such corporate and business entities.