Maine SOS Business Entity And Corporation Search

The Bureau of Corporations under the Secretary of State of Maine acts as the repository for all business records and files that are registered in the state. It acts as a registrar and recorder of the following types of business entities that incorporated in the state:

  • Business Corporations
  • Non-Profit Corporations
  • General Partnerships
  • Limited Partnerships
  • Limited Liability Companies
  • Cooperatives

Maine Business Entity Search

The online search tool of the Secretary of State of Maine enables you to search for business entities registered in the state absolutely free of cost. You can access documents and other records of business entities registered with the Maine Secretary of State.

To perform the search, you need to know one of the following:

  • Corporate Name
  • Charter Number

Read the step by step guidelines below on how to use the Maine business search page.

1. The first step is to access the Maine business search page by clicking here. The page that appears will look like the screenshot below.

Maine Business Entity Search

2. The next step is to perform a search. In this example we will search by business entity name. Go ahead and type in "Renys" in the appropriate field. You can also perform your search by charter number (See the screenshot below for reference).

Maine Corporation Entity Search

3. Click on "Click Here to Search". The Results page will show you the name of entities containing the word "Renys" in them. (See the screenshot below for reference).

Maine Corporation Entity Search Results

5. Click on Information Summary beside each business entity to view further details.

Maine Corporation Entity Details

The page will give you details about the entity's legal name, charter number, filing type, status, filing date, expiration date, jurisdiction, registered agent, etc.

Maine Secretary of State Seal

Information on the Maine Secretary of State

The Secretary of State of Maine is elected by the legislature of the state. The current officeholder is Matthew Dunlap, a Democrat who was sworn in January 2013 and had already served the office from January 2005 to 2011.

The Secretary of State of Maine is the keeper of the state seal and the guardian of the public records and archives. Apart from these, the Maine is also responsible for heading elections, administering vehicle licenses, and registering businesses in the state.