Louisiana SOS Business Entity And Corporation Search

The business corporation registry of the Louisiana Secretary of State falls under the Commercial Division. The Division is responsible for the registration of business entities in the state and administration of trademark laws.

The Division's registry has records of all business entities that are registered with the Secretary of State of Louisiana. Records include details of their filing, authorization and status. The registry stores information for the following type of entities:

  • Corporations
  • Limited Liability Companies
  • Limited Liability Partnership
  • Limited Liability Partnerships

Louisiana Business Entity Search

The online search tool of the Louisiana Secretary of State allows the user to search the database for any kind of business entity that has been registered in the state.

To use the search tool, you need to have any one or all of the following information with you:

  • Entity Name
  • Chartered Number or Trade Registration Number
  • Office Name or Agent Name

Follow the step by step guidelines below on how to use the Louisiana business search page.

1. The first step is to access the Louisiana business search page by clicking here. (this will look similar to the screenshot below).

Louisiana Business Entity Search

2. The next step is to fill out the appropriate fields. For this example go ahead and type in the Business Entity name "Crown Crafts" in the "Name" field.

Louisiana Corporation Entity Search

3. Now click on the "Search" button. The Results Page will then appear.

Louisiana Corporation Entity Search Results

4. Now click on the "Details" button. The page that follows will give you further information regarding the entity you are searching for. Details on Charter Number, Registration Date, Domicile Address, etc. will be displayed (see the screenshot below for reference).

Louisiana Corporation Entity Details
Louisiana Secretary of State Seal

Information on the Louisiana Secretary of State

The Secretary of State of Louisiana is one of the constitutionally-created elected government officials in the state. The current officeholder of the Louisiana Secretary of State is Tom Schedler, a Republican who assumed office in November 2010.

The Louisiana Secretary of State is the official in charge of the following eight divisions of the state.

  • The Elections Division
  • Louisiana State Archives
  • The Commission's Division
  • The Commercial Division
  • The Museums Division
  • The Notaries Division
  • The Voters Outreach Division
  • The Publications Division